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Optimize your returns: Rules in the Returns Web Portal

With the new rules for the Returns Web Portal, your returns will be more efficient. Returns Web Portal The Returns Web Portal is our platform to manage your reverse logistics. In it, you can configure your automated returns system and customize it with your brand image. So your customers will


Add your own logistics network to Deliverea

Now you can integrate your own delivery fleet to Deliverea carriers. Own Network We have integrated a new carrier called Own Network in the carriers section. This carrier covers the needs of those companies that have their own delivery fleet. With this carrier you will be able to unify your


Welcome to Deliverea to CTT Now and Bedriven

We continue to add carriers to our solution. The more operators, the more delivery options for your customers and the more satisfied they will be with their shopping experience. New carriers We have added two new carriers to our offer, CTT Now and Bedriven, both of Portuguese origin. We are


Deliverea Logistics Multicarrier: Spring

Multicarrier logistics allows us to offer a varied and useful range of transport operators to adapt to the different operations of our users. Spring Spring Global Delivery Solutions is an international courier company. Its services include postal delivery, packages and returns. Where they work? Operating in 190 countries, they are


Deliverea Logistics Multicarrier: Shargo

Having multicarrier logistics allows you to offer different delivery methods to your customers, save on expenses and increase the efficiency of your operations. Shargo Shargo is a last mile urban logistics operator. It is specialized in express shipments, which can be delivered in less than an hour. Where they work?


Deliverea Logistics Multicarrier: DB Schenker

At Deliverea, multicarrier logistics is part of our DNA. We offer a variety of carriers so you can offer different delivery methods to your customers, and they feel more satisfied with your business. DB Schenker DB Schenker is an international logistics provider. It has more than 74,000 employees and carries


Reverse logistics: the strategic plan

Reverse logistics is currently one of the most important challenges that ecommerces face. Correctly managing this dimension of the supply chain is vital to maintain a loyal audience in a very competitive market. The plan vs the no plan As in all areas of a strong business, having a sound


Deliverea logistics Multicarrier: PBX

At Deliverea we continue to bet on multicarrier logistics, which is why we integrate carriers that adapt to all possible operations. With the integration of PBX, we added an operator specialized in pallet transport, oriented to large merchandise operations. PBX Palibex (PBX) is a courier company specializing in the urgent


New services for your logistics: Label Engine

We launch new services for your logistics: the Label Engine that allows you to print your labels before documenting them to the carrier. Label Engine With the new Label Engine module you can generate and print labels for your shipments before documenting them to the carrier. This means that you

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