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Logística de última milla: el patito feo del e-commerce

Muchos negocios son extremadamente cuidadosos con sus productos, su canal de ventas o la imagen de marca. Diseñan una experiencia de compra que cualquier cliente podría desear pero a la hora de organizar su logística, confían sus expediciones al buen funcionamiento de las compañías de transporte. Está claro que, a


News in the Communications Center

We have made changes to the Communication HUB to optimize your experience As a multi-carrier solution, the Communication HUB , or communications center, is the tool that we have at Deliverea so that you can manage and report to the carrier the possible inconveniences of your shipments. In this article


What does integration between systems mean?

The integration between systems is part of the digitalization process of companies. We want to share and briefly comment with you on the study carried out by Digital commerce 360 ​​on 200 manufacturers, asking them about the challenges and initiatives they have underway to accelerate the digital transformation process. Data:

New functions

New multi-carrier functionality: Returns web portal

From now on, and thanks to the new multi-carrier functionality: Returns web portal , your customers can comfortably manage returns without having to contact you. To activate this new portal, you have to contact the customer success area ( ). Once this first management is done, it can be

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