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Deliverea uses data obtained from the Google API in compliance with the Google API Services User Data Policy.

Allowed Use

With your permission, Google allows Deliverea to utilize the restricted scope data, including Gmail data, to provide or improve user-facing features that are prominent from the Deliverea Application.

Allowed Transfer

In agreement with Google, Deliverea will only transfer restricted scope data outside of the company if that data transfer is necessary to:

  1. provide or improve user-facing features that are prominent from the Deliverea interface,
  2. to comply with applicable laws, or
  3. release as a part of a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets.

All other transfers or sales of user data are completely prohibited.

Prohibited Advertising

Deliverea will never use or transfer restricted scope data to serve users advertisements. This includes personalized, re-targeted and interest-based advertising. 

Prohibited Interaction

In agreement with Google, Deliverea prohibits humans from reading restricted scope user data. For example, it is used to extract your emails and send them on your behalf. Deliverea employees will never be permitted to read through a user’s Gmails unless:

  1. you consent to share specific messages for support purposes, or
  2. it is necessary for security purposes, or
  3. it is necessary to comply with applicable laws, or
  4. if aggregated and anonymized for internal operations purposes


Google does not allow you to consent to the sharing of your data with partners.