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“Glocal” logistics: 5 reasons local carriers can help you go global

There are many challenges that an online business faces when going global. One of the most important ones is how to adapt the logistics. In many cases, when doing this, companies make the mistake of thinking that a carrier with international projection is the best solution. But this is not always the case.

Working with local carriers can benefit your operations in multiple ways. This is what we call global logistics, globalizing your logistics all the way from the local level.

A local carrier operates in a specific geographic location and specializes in transporting goods in that area. This type of carrier knows the local conditions, infrastructures, and regulations, which makes for a more efficient operation.

In this article, we give you 5 reasons on why you should work with local carriers:

What can you find in this article?

1. Local knowledge

Local carriers have a more intimate knowledge of local routes, obstacles, and conditions. This translates into more efficient route planning, shorter delivery times, and fewer problems with order delivery.

2. Contact network

Being rooted in a local community, these companies have established strong relationships with other key players, such as transport providers, customs, and local authorities. This streamlines processes and reduces waiting times.

3. Flexibility and customization

Local carriers are often more flexible and have more customized services. They can better adapt to your company’s specific needs and offer tailor-made solutions that fit your supply chain.

4. Cultural linkage

Working with local carriers also boosts the shopping experience. When you use a local carrier, your customers will receive their orders from a carrier they know and that communicates with them in their language, which builds trust.

5. Environmental responsibility

By reducing transportation distances, local carriers can help reduce your carbon footprint, which is beneficial for both your company and the environment.

In short, working with local carriers offers a number of advantages that go beyond operational efficiency. These companies bring a deep understanding of the local community, strong relationships, and customized solutions that can make a difference to your operation. They also contribute to local economic growth and environmental sustainability.

If you are looking to optimize your deliveries and improve efficiency in your logistics operations, we can help you. With a network of more than 40 carriers and more than 300 transportation services, we have all the tools that you need. 

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