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Automate shipments, streamline your delivery process and deliver the best shopping experience to your customers

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Access more than 40 carriers

Switch to multi-carrier logistics and give your customers more delivery options


Centralize management

Assign the transport of your shipments and returns, track them, inform your customers about their status, resolve incidents from the same place and automatically. Use your logistics analytics to implement improvements.


Set up your own rules

Our algorithm will always automatically assign your shipments to the carrier that suits your interests. You set the rules, we apply them.



Your label in just one click

We offer a standard size label, so you can use a single printer for all carriers. Print them individually or in batch, speed up your order preparation and reduce your delivery times.



Keep your customers updated

Notify your customers of the sending status via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. Send messages with your brand image, promotional banner and detail the order with images and prices of the product. 


Solve incidences proactively

Provide your Customer Service team with a tool that allows them to manage all incidents and communicate directly with the carrier, whatever it is. Quickly resolve issues.


Automate your returns

A return system that is both simple and efficient can help you retain your customers. Improve your reverse logistics operation to get your products back on the market as soon as possible.

What do our customers have to say?

The magic behind our solution is our customers' experience
Deliverea: envio de paqueteria

‘The benefits of the multicarrier model are obvious. The problem lies in how to manage daily operations. To solve that, we found Deliverea, which became our ally to successfully implement and integrate multiple carriers’.

Deliverea servicio de paqueteria para empresas

Joshua Ivars


‘Our operations require having multiple carriers. This implies very complex data management and communication. Deliverea makes it possible to unify all the data to a single platform’.

Logistics Depart.

Deliverea -

‘The implementation of Delivera gives the ability to collaborate with more carriers, although they are allocated based on our logic. In addition, it increases our flexibility and facilitates many processes, such as order labeling’.

Deliverea-empresas de servicios logisticos

Operations Depart.

How we do it

We put all of your operations management in one place

We gather information about your short- and medium-term operational needs.

We identify levers for improvement.

We create work teams.

We adapt our solution to the requirements of the project.

We assess the potential impact on your operations.

We create a mutual action plan.

We mobilize the teams.

We create the implementation Roadmap.

We carry out the developments and upgrades.

We finish the developments.

We create an Onboarding Process for the user.

We proceed sequentially to Go Live.

Make delivery part of the shopping experience

Get more satisfied customers through the automation of logistics management

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