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Transport assignment

After the sale, you have more than 40 carriers integrated into our solution to which our algorithm assigns the shipment based on the cost or the parameters you configure.


Control the status of your shipments with our standard tracking for all carriers, with tracking notifications for your customers through email or instant messaging.

Incident management

Centralize incident management from a single platform, helping your customer service team and improving your customers’ experience.


Speed up your order picking by printing labels without the need to document the carrier. Free your operation from the operation of the transport operator.


Create an automated reverse logistics system, with transport allocation and management from one place. Your customers will be able to order their returns autonomously.


Access the most relevant metrics of your logistics so you can make the best diagnosis and make strategic decisions based on objective data.

More tools

Take your logistics further

Carrier Backup

Keep your operations always active, configuring an alternative carrier that will be automatically assigned if your original carrier does not provide service at that time. So your logistics management never stops.

Address Validation

Avoid incidents by validating the shipping data provided by the customer and geoposition the delivery before documenting with the carrier. Necessary for all same-day delivery operations.

White Label

Customize the appearance of our app with your corporate colors, your url and your logo so that it is perceived as an internal tool.

Users and Roles

Configure the solution transversally and adapt it according to the fulfillment centers or stores to the specific conditions of each location.

Cost Controlling

Control the costs of your shipments. You will have access to a previous calculation of the cost automatically.

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Request a demo

Complete the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.