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Deliverea now has a carrier network with over 40 options

At Deliverea, we firmly believe that for logistics to function optimally, transport should be diversified. Multi-carrier logistics offers numerous advantages in terms of cost, time, and the quality of goods transportation. That’s why we are committed to constantly adding new carriers to our service portfolio.
Since the creation of our solution in 2015, we have progressively integrated transportation companies with the aim of addressing our customers’ diverse logistical needs. We understand that each operation is unique, with its own specific requirements, which is why we aspire to have a diverse portfolio of carriers, each specialized in their respective domains.

We now have more than 40 carriers in our network

Recently, we welcomed DPD Portugal to Deliverea, a carrier specializing in the transportation of goods within Portugal and international shipping. With this addition, we now have
41 carriers integrated into our platform

The advantage of having so many carrier options is that you can plan your shipments based on geographical areas. For example, you can focus your urban deliveries on carriers specialized in this type of operation. Additionally, we offer a wide range of national carriers. If your business requires international operations or you’re looking to expand beyond your borders, you can rely on carriers specific to each country.

Ultimately, it’s about choosing the best carrier for each type of operation. This allows you to optimize resources and save time, all without adding complexity to your logistics. Keep in mind that when you access Deliverea, integrating a new carrier is much simpler than if you were to do it independently.

Our clients just need while this process can take more than three months without us.

With Deliverea, you can diversify the transportation of your shipments while streamlining the delivery process. Access the technology that will help boost your last-mile logistics.

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