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Last-Mile Logistics: The Ugly Duckling of E-commerce

Many businesses meticulously care for their products, sales channels, and brand image. They design a shopping experience that any customer would desire. However, when it comes to organizing their logistics, they entrust their shipments to the reliable functioning of transportation companies.

It’s clear that, unless one has their own transportation network, logistics is an area that needs to be outsourced. However, this doesn’t mean compromising on quality criteria. To achieve this balance—entrusting these services to a third party while maintaining control over the smooth operation of distribution—a highly recommended solution is logistics software.  

Automate Success

Digitization or digital transformation are frequently heard terms that often seem abstract. But it all boils down to something as simple as applying technology to traditionally manual processes, making them more efficient. This is particularly relevant in logistics, as the more we integrate digitization into processes, the better our last-mile logistics will function.
New technological solutions in logistics have proven to be transformative tools in terms of productivity, yet there is still much to be done in the sector. The goal is simple: to handle the increase in operations due to the growth of e-commerce and strive for excellence.

The Benefits of Multi-Carrier Logistics

Applying technology to our operations often leads to an improvement in the quality of services associated with shipments. Logistics software offers functionalities that optimize the customer’s shopping experience in areas such as:

  • Providing various shipping options within a multi-carrier context.

  • Optimizing shipment tracking.

  • Centralizing incident management.

  • Automating an efficient returns system.

All these possibilities for improvement ultimately result in a last-mile logistics capable of meeting the needs of current customers. This enhances their shopping experience with affordable costs. While the technological solution takes care of everything, you can dedicate your time to improving other aspects of your business.

If you have any questions about implementing multi-carrier logistics, you can contact our team for personalized advice.

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