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New logistics services

We have integrated new logistics services to our solution, specifically to the configuration of the carriers , so that your operations work better than ever.

Parameterization of expired

You can now set the time when you want your expedition to go into the expired category . When the hours or days that you determine pass without there being any notification in an expedition, it will be considered expired . The configuration is done for each distribution center, for each carrier and for each CECO. It is determined based on the hours or days you set. If you do not want to modify it, the default 15 days will be maintained to consider an expired issue. If you have any questions about issue statuses, see our support article .

ZPL tags

We have embedded the tag in ZPL format . You can choose the label format that suits you best, PDF or ZPL, in the configuration section of each carrier . The ZPL format is currently available for Correos Express, UPS and CTT. We will progressively add this type of label for the operators that allow it. You have more information about the tag format here .

test carrier

In the carriers section you will find a new Test Carrier (called Dummy) with which you can simulate service configurations as a drill. This way you will be able to test the operations virtually before putting them into practice, and verify that your configuration works correctly and meets the needs of your logistics services. See our evidence carrier article for more information.

Other features

Last January we added new features to the rules search engine and the new Carrier backup service that allows you to establish an alternative carrier in the event that the original suffers an incident.

And remember, if you have any questions about Deliverea’s multicarrier solution, check out our help center.