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Category: Integrations


Optimize your returns: Rules in the Returns Web Portal

With the new rules for the Returns Web Portal, your returns will be more efficient. Returns Web Portal The Returns Web Portal is our platform to manage your reverse logistics. In it, you can configure your automated returns system and customize it with your brand image. So your customers will


Add your own logistics network to Deliverea

Now you can integrate your own delivery fleet to Deliverea carriers. Own Network We have integrated a new carrier called Own Network in the carriers section. This carrier covers the needs of those companies that have their own delivery fleet. With this carrier you will be able to unify your


New services for your logistics: Label Engine

We launch new services for your logistics: the Label Engine that allows you to print your labels before documenting them to the carrier. Label Engine With the new Label Engine module you can generate and print labels for your shipments before documenting them to the carrier. This means that you


New logistics functionalities: filter by distribution centers

We have created a filter so that you can organize your distribution centers based on the country they are in or by the billing information you have configured. Filter by distribution centers Now you can access your distribution centers by applying the filter that we have created and that allows


What’s new in app settings

Advanced tracking, Returns Web Portal, Tracking webhook y Senders A few months ago, we adapted the Communication HUB so that you can manage your incidents based on the distribution centers that you have active. Now, we do the same with the following sections: Advanced tracking Returns Web Portal Tracking webhook


Deligest arrives, all the information at the service of your logistics

We present Deligest, our monthly report on the operation of your logistics in our solution. Deligest At Deliverea we work so that our users always have all the information they need. Knowing what use you make of the solution will allow you to value your logistics and detect possible improvements


New logistics services

We have integrated new logistics services to our solution, specifically to the configuration of the carriers , so that your operations work better than ever. Parameterization of expired You can now set the time when you want your expedition to go into the expired category . When the hours or


Carriers Backup, new service

Sometimes, and especially in times of high concentration of shipments, carriers may experience incidents. These inconveniences can alter your logistics operations and what is worse, affect the expectations of your customers. To avoid this, at Deliverea we have created a new module , Carriers Backup . With the activation of


New Carriers

We have integrated with new carriers with which to operate in deliverea: Fedex Seur dpd Shargo Spring With them, the carriers that allow international shipments and delivery on the same day are expanded.

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