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5 compelling reasons to partner with multiple carriers for your shipping needs

This is not a new concept, but it’s always worth reiterating: a breakdown in your transportation and logistics can spell disaster for your business in online sales. That’s why it’s crucial to be meticulous when selecting the right carrier to handle your shipments. After all, when you work with a carrier, you’re entrusting them with the responsibility of delivering your products, and this process is one of the most critical aspects of the overall customer experience. Your brand is judged not just by your products, pricing, quality, and how they are received.

Many businesses, in pursuit of simplicity, opt to work with a single carrier for all their deliveries, but is this the best choice? Does a multi-carrier logistic approach necessarily mean more complexity?

In this article, we present five reasons to diversify your logistics and work with more than one carrier to tackle all your shipping needs.

Benefits of diversifying your logistics

1. Increased Flexibility in Shipping Planning

By working with multiple carriers, you have more options for planning and organizing your shipments. Having several carriers at your disposal allows you to offer shorter delivery times, which can boost sales.

This is particularly important during peak logistical periods, such as Black Friday or the holiday season, where relying on multiple carriers can help maintain reasonable delivery times.

2. Reduced Errors and Delays

Relying on more than one carrier for your shipments decreases the risk of errors and delays in delivery. If one carrier encounters technical issues or capacity problems and is unable to fulfill its duties, you can count on another carrier to ensure your shipment is delivered on time.

This ensures you always have a backup plan in case of unforeseen incidents, keeping your operations running smoothly.

3. Cost Savings

Diversifying your operations can lead to reduced transportation costs. Different carriers offer varying rates, shipping options, and service levels.

When working with a single carrier, you run the risk of missing out on more competitive pricing for the same or better level of service.

By comparing options from multiple carriers, you can choose the most cost-effective solution for your business and your customers.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

Transportation and delivery play a pivotal role in the customer experience. By working with multiple carriers for your shipments, you can offer more shipping options, which customers appreciate.

For instance, providing the choice of using local carriers can be valuable, especially for international markets, where customers trust and are familiar with these carriers.

5. Because It’s Easier Than It Seems

Integrating new carriers into your operations can often be a lengthy and tedious process. However, with modern technological tools like Deliverea, you can access a portfolio of over 35 carriers with just a few clicks, all automated. 

What might take up to three months to do manually can be accomplished in less than a month with Deliverea. Furthermore, orders are automatically assigned to the carrier with the lowest cost or shortest delivery time, and backup carriers are available in case of incidents, among other advantages. Ultimately, you’re entrusting technology to automate your logistics.

At Deliverea, we offer a technological solution that digitizes last-mile logistics, making it more efficient. 

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