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Deliverea Logistics Multicarrier: Zeleris

Our offer of carriers seeks to respond to the different operations of our users.  The more shipping options, the more satisfied customers.


Zeleris is a subsidiary company of Telefónica, specializing in urgent messaging, logistics services and mobile phone distribution.  It has 1,200 employees, and is currently a reference in door-to-door delivery.

Where they work?

It works nationally and internationally, operating in 220 countries.

What services does it provide?

  • National services: B2C and B2B orders organized by delivery time (10 am, 2 pm, or the next day). They also offer arranged orders within 6 days, delivery on Saturdays and simultaneous delivery and collection.
  • International services: air, land or sea services or a combination of all of them. They also offer import and export air shipments. With European destination they offer urgent shipments with direct connection.
  • Logistics services: they offer storage, campaign logistics and supply services for companies.
  • Other services: they have a comprehensive offer of all their services in terms of transport and logistics operations, they also offer specialized services in the eCommerce sector.

Who does it suit?

Zeleris proposes a complete offer of services that adapts to different operations of various sizes. Therefore, it is an option to consider if your logistics require a flexible and adaptable operator .

You can access the following link where we explain how to configure Zeleris   in Deliverea and learn about the details of available services and methods.

And remember, if you have any questions about Deliverea multicarrier logistics, consult our help center.

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