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Deliverea Logistics Multicarrier: Stuart

For each operation, an operator. In our multicarrier platform you will find different solutions for different needs.


Stuart is an urban courier company, offering fast and scheduled shipments for eCommerce and B2B. It is therefore a last-mile operation in urban areas and has 700 employees.

Where do you work?

They operate in 86 cities in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Poland .

What services does it provide?

  • solutions Last mile : fast shipments from stores and warehouse scheduled or immediate.
  • solutions First mile : specific service for quick or scheduled returns, collection of packages from the store, warehouse or logistics center.
  • Urgent messaging : express shipments between stores, B2B operations.

Who does it suit?

This type of operator is contemplated for urban-type logistics. If you are an ecommerce that is interested in offering a fast and scheduled delivery service , it can be a good option.

You can access the following link where we explain how to configure Stuart in Deliverea and know the details of available services and methods.

And remember, if you have any questions about Deliverea multicarrier logistics, consult our help center.