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Deliverea logistics Multicarrier: Seur

By multicarrier we understand a solution that has multiple logistics operators that allow us to respond to the needs of all our users


Seur is the leading express transport company in Spain and Portugal . It has more than 10,000 professionals, 6,400 vehicles and more than 2,500 local stores. The organization is specialized in three axes: international, electronic commerce and B2B business.

Where do you work?

It is part of the DPD group, an international transport network , it delivers all over the world.

What services does it provide?

  • National shipment: urgent peninsular shipments, as well as to the Balearic or Canary Islands.
  • International transport : land or air services, for light and heavy parcels. They also have a specific service for shipments in Europe.
  • Urban messaging : fast delivery, in hours, in urban centers.

Who does it suit?

If your expedition requires urgent shipments and you have an operational capillarity at an international level, you may be interested. It is an operator with a consolidated infrastructure and has great operational capacity.

You can access the following link where we explain how to configure Seur in Deliverea and know the details of available services and methods.

And remember, if you have any questions about Deliverea multicarrier logistics, consult our help center.