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New multi-carrier functionality: Rules

At Deliverea we work to continuously improve . As a multi-carrier solution, we have updated the functionality of the rules , which are the preferences of the clients when configuring the automatic assignment of carriers for their shipments.

With this update, customers will be able to configure their shipments not only by postal code as before, but also by:

  • Category
  • Shipping type
  • Weight (kg)
  • SKU
  • Shipping method
  • Total price
  • Luxury
  • cash on delivery

In addition, we have added a section so that you can choose the priority given to each carrier based on the type of shipment. In this section, the priority is higher the lower the number selected, starting with 1 (highest priority) up to infinity.

You also have a simulator that helps you check if the configuration of your rule assigns the carrier you are interested in.

Another novelty is the autocomplete button . With this option you will be able to auto-complete the data of a new shipment based on the rules you have configured, so that you save time and optimize your operations.

In this explanatory video you can see all the novelties of this search engine:

If you have any questions about this new multi-carrier functionality or want to know how to configure the rules for your orders, you can consult the following link.