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New services for your logistics: Label Engine

We launch new services for your logistics: the Label Engine that allows you to print your labels before documenting them to the carrier.

Label Engine

With the new Label Engine module you can generate and print labels for your shipments before documenting them to the carrier. This means that you can continue to create expeditions regardless of the operation of the carrier.

How does it work?

The Label Engine allows you to generate the labels of your shipments without the need to document it to the carrier. For this, you have to request a range of labels from the carrier, that is, a certain number of labels that you can print without having to document a shipment. Not all carriers allow this operation. Once you get a range, you just have to configure it through our platform and start generating labels. In the following video you can see the configuration process:

If you want to activate this service, contact our Customer Success department (). You can see how to configure the Label Engine in our support article.

And remember, if you have any questions about new services for your logistics, consult our help center.

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