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Transport Allocation

Post-sale, leverage over 40 integrated carriers in our solution, with our algorithm assigning shipments to carriers based on cost or parameters you set.


Accelerate order picking by printing labels without the need for carrier documentation. Streamline your operations, eliminating the need for direct interaction with the transport operator.


Monitor your shipments effortlessly using our universal tracking system for all carriers, complete with tracking notifications sent to your customers via email or instant messaging.


Establish an automated reverse logistics system with centralized transport allocation and management. Enable your customers to initiate returns autonomously.

Incident management

Centralize incident management on a unified platform, supporting your customer service team and enhancing overall customer experience.


Retrieve key logistics metrics for informed diagnostics and strategic decision-making based on concrete data.

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Take your logistics even further

Carrier Backup

Ensure continuous operations by setting up an alternate carrier, automatically assigned if your primary carrier is unavailable. This way, your logistics management stays uninterrupted.

Address Validation

Prevent issues by validating customer-provided shipping data and geopositioning deliveries before documentation with the carrier. Essential for all same-day delivery operations.

White Label

Personalize our app with your corporate colors, URL, and logo to give it the look and feel of an internal tool.

Users and Roles

Adjust the solution universally and tailor it to the unique conditions of each fulfillment center or store location.

Cost Controlling

Manage your shipment costs effectively. Access automatic pre-calculation of costs for better control.

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Request a demo

Complete the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.