Discover other shipping solutions

Discover other shipping solutions

Carrier Backup

Ensure continuous operation by configuring an alternative carrier that will be automatically assigned if your original carrier is not providing service at that moment. So your parcel delivery, never stops.

Returns Web Portal

Create an efficient system for reverse logistics. This feature makes it possible to set up a portal with your brand image from which your customers can manage their returns autonomously.

Address Validation

Avoid incidents with our shipping management software by validating the shipment data provided by the customer and geopositioning the delivery before documenting with the carrier. Necessary for every same-day delivery operation.

Label&Rules Engine

Overcome carrier shortage during peak season by printing your labels without having to document with the carrier. Separate your order management system from third parties.

Communications HUB

Benefit from working with multiple carriers, communicate with all of them from a single platform, open tickets and solve any issue in a centralized manner. Optimize your logistics and transportation management.

Push Notifications

Inform your customers in real time about the status of their orders and improve their shopping experience with our order system. Select which statuses to notify and customize the notifications with your brand image.