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Category: Feedback


New multi-carrier functionality: Rules

At Deliverea we work to continuously improve . As a multi-carrier solution, we have updated the functionality of the rules , which are the preferences of the clients when configuring the automatic assignment of carriers for their shipments. With this update, customers will be able to configure their shipments not


News in the Communications Center

We have made changes to the Communication HUB to optimize your experience As a multi-carrier solution, the Communication HUB , or communications center, is the tool that we have at Deliverea so that you can manage and report to the carrier the possible inconveniences of your shipments. In this article


New multi-carrier functionality: Product Roadmap

We have made a new feature available to you in our multi-carrier API: the Product Roadmap , with which you can new track features give , feedback on them and make suggestions . It is a page where you will find several sections: Delivered : all the functionalities that you


New multi-carrier functionality: Status Page

The new multi-carrier functionality is now available: Status Page, a new server status page . In this new version, you will be able to see in detail the status of: APP (client area) API Carriers The new page allows you to subscribe in a very simple way, indicating the email

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